I am currently working towards my `Big Exhibition`, which will take place in Oriel Mon, Llangefni, Anglesey from June 9th to July 22nd 2012.

The Main Exhibition Hall at Oriel Mon is an impressive space and from my previous exhibition there, I know it requires about 100  paintings of various sizes, to fill it.

This is a great opportunity for me to produce a huge amount of fresh, new work and i am looking forward to seeing It exhibited in such a great place.

I have entitled the Exhibition `Heddiw, Ddoe a Fory '  [' Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow`], which comes from the title of a song by the Welsh singer, Meic Stevens.

Those of you who know my pictures will know how they fit into the` Yesterday and Today` theme, it's difficult to escape the feeling of history in the Anglesey landscape I work with, and perhaps especially in some of the old buildings which take my eye.

The `Tomorrow` is a little more challenging, ideas such as showing windfarms, Holyhead Harbour , Wylfa, the A55 or retail parks are possible, but at the moment I'm striving for a less illustrative and more organic feel to the paintings so a more subtle evokation of tomorrow will hopefully evolve in the work. 

In addition to Oriel Mon, I am also working towards an exciting Exhibition at Y Galeri,Caernarfon, in 2013, which will depict the scenes of the Town, showing the amalgamisation of the Old and the New buildings, therefore continuing the `Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow` Theme on into next year.

I hope you will come with me on this journey through Time and enjoy looking at it through my paintings.

If you would like to come and meet me at Home, The Anglesey Arts Weeks will keep me in my Studio between Saturday March 31st and Sunday April 15th 2012. It is a time when my Wife, Jo and I look forward to greeting friends and customers, old and new, to browse the pictures, have a coffee and cake and relax , whilst looking at The Best View in Wales! 

See you then